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Found within the enchanting embrace of nature, Bogenraith House is a haven of romance that transcends time. Its mere 20-minute proximity to Aberdeen Airport belies the magical journey it offers, whisking you into a world of tranquility and intimacy. A mere 7 miles from the charming town of Banchory, this ethereal abode is a symphony of elegance and seclusion. From the moment you step onto its grounds, the air becomes laden with an ineffable sense of amour. The lush gardens and sweeping landscapes frame the house like a love letter to the heart. Each corner seems to whisper soft tales of passion and devotion, as if the very essence of romance permeates every stone and petal. This sanctuary of amour, so near the heartbeat of Aberdeen and yet so far from the world's hustle, is a testament to the eternal dance of hearts and the enduring power of romance.

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Bogenraith House 2

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Durris ,
Banchory, Aberdeenshire , AB31 6DS

07712 123 138


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Bogenraith House, Durris, BOGENRAITH, UK

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