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City Hall Tours


Belfast City Hall is Belfast City Council's civic building. It is located in Donegall Square, in the heart of Belfast city centre. It first opened its doors on 1 August 1906.
Inside City Hall, you can register births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships, take a tour, admire the public art and enjoy refreshments at the Bobbin Coffee Shop.

In the grounds of City Hall you can visit the Titanic Memorial Gardens, picnic on the lawns while watching The Big Screen or see the building lit up at night.


Belfast is another one of those great attractions, that when you visit, you will see that Belfast is so much more than what we regularly hear about on our news channels. Although the city hall performs all of the same every day performances that any other town or city hall would, this particular city hall is so much more. Completed and opening it's doors for the first time in 1906, replaced the previous White Linen Hall. The building of this city hall also inspired other city halls such as the one in Durban, South Africa, such is the greatness of its design. The hall has been through, and has seen some very turbulent times, but is now a picture of peace and every day, tours are being taken by hundreds of people all keen to discover its secrets and grand features that would make any city in the world envious.

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