Doolin Cave

Attractions in Doolin, Co. Clare

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Doolin Cave


The Great Stalactite is a world-class Natural wonder at Doolin Cave, and is becoming one of the most important eco-tourist attractions in Ireland. Measuring 7.3 metres (23 feet) in length, it is recognised as being the longest stalactite in the Northern hemisphere. The Great Stalactite has been opened up to the eyes of the world.

From the moment you descend over 80ft into the first tunnel, with your guide, you will enter a world carved by water. Donning your hardhat, you will follow the rough-hewn route of the early explorers who first discovered the cave. When you enter the stunning, cathedral-like dome that houses the huge stalactite, you will be briefly plunged into a world of primitive darkness. Then, in a flash, you will be awed as the subtly-lit stalactite appears before you. And, far below, a magical stream carries to the hills outside, the water that carved the primeval world around you.

Practical Info

  • The cave tour takes approx. 50 minutes.
  • Tours every half hour in high season and hourly at other times ( John, if you look at Cliffs of Moher, it says tours today)
  • Perfect for families
  • There are 120 steps down to the cave, every 10 steps, there is a landing with seating.
  • Please take your time going up and down.
  • Strollers are not permitted in the cave.
  • Babies/Small children must be carried.
  • With Farm animals and nature trail it is the ideal day out for all.


Although this area is mainly famous for the Cliffs of Moher, there is a new oldest kid on the block that has been here for probably the same length of time. That attraction is of course Doolin Cave featuring the Great Stalactite. Made up of mainly limestone this cave is one of Ireland's hidden gems. But secretly I think it will soon become one of the biggest of the gems in Ireland's tourist attraction crown. If it were not for the determination and sheer doggedness of the owners of Doolin Cave, it wouldn't be here today let alone have a state of the art visitor centre attached to it. 109 I love this attraction because not only is it a great attraction to visit, it's also a family run attraction ran by a family that really do care about its future and this is just clear to see whenever you speak to them.

- Top 100 Review
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