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The Dinosaur Park Tenby



“Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.” S. Miller.

For those of you who thought Tenby was simply an iconic seaside town in wales: think again, for something truly terrifying has been brought back to life at The Dinosaur Park Tenby. Available for all ages, this totally mesmerising Mesozoic adventure offers a marvellous day full of rides and activities, including an indoor playground, skiddy cars, disco boats, virtual reality shack plus much much more! Offering both indoor and outdoor Dinosaur delights, there are over 30 prehistoric carnivores and herbivores, just waiting to get acquainted with you, and if that doesn’t scare you, local ‘dinosaur trail knowledge’ has it that many have entered the leafy lush foliage of the Woodland Trail, but not all have returned. There is so much to do and enjoy, and once you’ve paid your entry fee, then all the rides are free. Little ones will absolutely love their time here, but please watch out when approaching the swamp, something big and slimy awaits beneath the smooth surface. You have been warned!

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The Dinosaur Park Tenby 1tmb

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2 Gower View , Gumfreston,
Tenby, Pembrokeshire , SA70 8RB


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Dinosaur Park, Gower View, Gumfreston, Tenby, UK

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