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The Hunt Museum


At present, The Hunt Museum develops and provides many activities, such as Tours around the museum, Arts and Crafts Classes, Kids Activities, Camps and Lectures. Our Docents and volunteers will help you to create great family days or to learn more through our guided tours.

Many of the rooms in the museum provide great opportunities for different events, such as meetings, lectures, seminars, receptions and dining.

Regarded as the most distinguished 18th century building in Limerick, the Customs House is an elegant Palladian-style building designed by the Italian architect, Davis Ducart, in 1765. It was the administrative centre for the Revenue Commissioners (including Customs and Excise) in Limerick and it was also the home of the Collector. In the 1840s with the introduction of a new postal system a Penny Post Office was opened in the Customs House.

The Office of Public Works undertook the major restoration and refurbishment of the building completing it in 1996 and so realised the dream of John and Gertrude Hunt to have their collection housed in Limerick. The Customs House opened as The Hunt Museum on 14 February

The Hunt Museum was established to house an internationally important collection of approximately 2,000 works of art and antiquities formed by John and Gertrude Hunt during their lifetimes. As antique dealers and advisors to collectors they built a thriving business and also began to acquire pieces that reflected their own interests and curiosity rather than for commercial purposes.

The Hunt Museum exhibits one of Ireland's greatest collections of art and antiquities, donated to the people of Ireland by John and Gertrude Hunt. During your visit you will be intrigued by the lives of the collectors and marvel at the exhibits that include one of the original 'thirty pieces of silver' and magnificent Irish artefacts together with works by Renoir, Gauguin, Picasso and Yeats. The elegant 18th Century Custom House provides an ideal setting for an enjoyable visit, intimate galleries allow you to explore by yourself or take a guided tour. Families enjoy the treasure trails, quizzes and colouring sheets. Our riverside restaurant is ideal as a lunch or coffee stop. The gift shop has a wide range of local and international crafts and gifts.


I have visited many museums and art galleries throughout the world and all of them are great in there own right. But inside each of the museums that I have visited so far is a particular collection of special artefacts with which that museum would be particularly proud about. But it was here at the Hunt Museum, that I was so taken aback that each and every artefact is very special and that's why it's founders John & Gertrude Hunt would of found it very important to add them to their huge collection. A good museum is one that is still on the visitors mind maybe a short period of time after visiting it. I would have to go as far as to say that I don't think I will ever forget some amazing things that I witnessed here at the Hunt museum. The Hunt Museum is one of Ireland's brightest hidden gems.

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The Custom House, Rutland Street ,
Limerick City, Co. Limerick,


[email protected]


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